Federal compliance regulations for contractors have changed substantially over the past couple of years. HR-3D stays informed and tailors its services to clients accordingly. Our main compliance offerings are as follows:


Affirmative Action Plans (AAP) 

HR-3D is the smart choice for your AAP work because of our deep OFCCP compliance and compensation expertise. Here are just a few service descriptors:


  • After implementing the HR-3D CMS, we populate the new job codes, titles, levels, etc., in your company AAP. Your compensation analysis and the AAP data will then match.
  • If a company does not have HR-3D’s CMS, we analyze your AAP data and make recommendations for compliance purposes prior to doing the AAP. For example, HR-3D conducts a compensation/pay optimization analysis and makes recommendations to minimize OFCCP “discovery” opportunity for disparate pay impact before we do your AAP. 
  • HR-3D also provides special assistance for companies preparing AAP documents for the first time. 



DCAA Compensation Audit Challenges

HR-3D can reduce or completely eliminate DCAA audit challenges for unallowable or excessive executive level compensation. Through that effort we provide:

  • Multiple surveys dating back more than 15 years to benchmark historic executive salary ranges
  • Survey and rebuttal/mitigation support 



Professional Audit Support Services (PASS)

Many policy changes announced by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) will lead to a significantly greater number of—and increased scope for—audits and investigations conducted by that office into allegations of discrimination and pay disparity against government contractors. 

These more aggressive OFCCP audit enforcement measures call for a corresponding increase in compliance initiatives by government contractors. Failure to comply can be very costly in terms of back pay, fines, damages and loss of federal contracts.  

In response to ongoing significant developments, HR-3D developed PASS to inform, prepare, assist, and provide active support to clients undergoing a current OFCCP audit or for those clients who wish to be fully prepared with a proactive approach to compliance.




Compliance Training

HR-3D stays informed on ever-changing federal regulations. We are able to pass this information on to our clients and provide onsite training programs. For example, we train on contract language, reporting requirements, use of appropriate forms, careers landing page requirements, veteran and IWD outreaches, posting to state employment agencies, etc. 



DISCLAIMER: HR-3D provides services based on our professional experience and our best understanding of current federal regulatory audit activities and actions. We are not attorneys. Use of HR-3D services does not constitute legal advice. HR-3D recommends that you always seek the advice of your company attorney on all legal matters.