The Pricing/Recruiting Tool developed by HR-3D provides a host of advantages for your company, not the least of which is that it will save your pricing department countless labor hours. In essence, HR-3D has already mapped the labor categories to appropriate survey data. It should be noted that LPTA related procurements are also supported.

This deliverable pre-maps survey data to more than 2000 company and labor category jobs and related hierarchal levels (Engineer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). Within the tool, you can select any date, any city, and go to the exact job description using a hyper-link. You can now look at RFP labor categories and quickly map to appropriate job titles, experience levels, and salary ranges. This can also be used to determine the salary offer for any hire in any location. 



  • More than 2,000 job profiles from 30+ surveys
  • Pre-maps titles and levels to specific survey data (labor category validation)
  • Hyper-links to job profiles
  • Matches skills/experience levels to RFP definitions
  • Drop-down city/COLA selector (populates Geo rates for 200+ cities)
  • Drop-down forward aging selector to set future contract start date
  • Drop-down for salary quartiles
  • Allowances for special clearances
  • Documentation that explains pricing processes for RFP submittal

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